July 27, 2023

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In the world of Esthetics, I guess you could say I’ve always been a rebel. Not doing it all “by the book”. I was never the Esthetician that used all the chemical peels, retinols, hydroquinones, etc. Not to say that these approaches from other Estheticians aren’t going to give great results to their clients, but these were all things that I could never use on my skin since it was so sensitive. And I knew there had to be other options because there were clients who also had the same issue as me. 

In the beginning, I was frustrated because being surrounded by wonderful Estheticians who were all using these products and ingredients and seeing such great results made me feel defeated as an Esthetician. I had to learn that I just saw things a little bit differently and I wanted to show my clients, who were struggling with the same issues, that they could get results with their skin without using products or ingredients that caused more issues down the line. I wanted to help my clients to truly understand their skin. Understand how to heal their skin from the inside/out. (I promise, it can be done) 

Our skin is not just another organ. Our skin is the LARGEST organ of our body. But what I have found is that even though it’s the largest organ of the body, it is the one that we neglect and treat rather badly and abuse it on a daily basis. Your skin is trying to tell you something and I know that I was put on this Earth to change the path, to make a difference, to let people know that all of the answers lie within us, if we just take the time to listen and understand what it’s trying to say. Helping my clients to truly understand their skin is my BIGGEST mission in life!   

I want to be known as more than just a skincare line. I want to be known as an Esthetician who saw things differently, who created her own path that no one had done before. I want everyone to know that you CAN heal your skin from within. You CAN understand what your skin is trying to tell you and once you understand, you will know what to do. Skincare products are great, facials are great but the most AMAZING thing is when you can look at your skin and confidently say, these breakouts are due to my hormones, this flare up on my cheek is because of that wine I drank last night, I stopped taking my probiotic and my gut is unhappy. Become ONE with your body! Listen and fully comprehend its signals. 

I often express to my clients about how important it is during this time when you are learning what your skin reacts to by keeping a journal. When we know how our skin will react to certain foods, alcohol, environmental stressors, etc. then we know how to not be so hard on ourselves and our skin. 

Over my years of being an Esthetician, I’ve had so many women come to me who are truly down on themselves. They are frustrated with their skin. They are frustrated that nothing seems to work and that they just don’t seem to have the answers to how they can feel confident in their skin. Once they learn how to truly LISTEN and figure out their triggers, then they can feel more confident in their skin and learn to not be so upset if they are having some type of skin flare up or breakouts.

After my clients work with me and truly learn what their skin is saying, I love it when they come to me and say, “I know my skin is breaking out along my jaw because I consumed way too much dairy this weekend.” They get it! They have learned to listen to their skin. They have learned what their triggers are. 

I know for me, my skin is triggered by red wine. When I drink red wine, The left side of my cheek flares up the next day, causing more redness and pimples/pustules to appear. 

Some clients have a trigger to dairy, causing cystic acne along the jawline. They learn that when they consume dairy their skin breaks out with these painful and swollen nodules along their chin and jaw. 

Some clients are triggered by their hormones, causing breakouts on the chin or jawline as well. When we truly can learn to understand our skin and its triggers then we know what the outcome will be when we consume the things that are triggers for our bodies. 

Being able to understand what your skin is trying to tell you is an empowering feeling. Because now you are in control of how your skin is responding. 

If you would like to learn more about this and feel confident in your skin, sign up for my Virtual Beauty from Within Consultation with me. In this one hour consultation, we will dive into your diet, lifestyle, skincare routine and so much more. I will teach you how to know what your skin is telling you and how to prevent breakouts and skin flare ups.

Consultations – Ansley Marie’s Day Spa and Salon (ansleymaries.com)

I want to help you feel confident, beautiful and empowered in your skin.

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