Take your business to the next level with our amazing courses! These stand alone courses will help you increase sales booking and help make your clients your natural marketing team!

Sell Like a RockStar!

Advanced Facial Techniques

Rebooking Clients

Analyzing the Skin

Sell Retail Like A Rockstar!

  • How to “sell” but NEVER sound like a used car salesman! If you find yourself sounding like a used car salesman, you’re doing it wrong!!!
  • How to LOVE what you are selling and have your clients notice that you believe/love what you are talking about.
  • How to be ENTHUSIASTIC about a product/service, even when it's not YOUR favorite, but you know it will benefit a client.
  • How to hear what a client is telling you they want by genuinely listening to their concerns and making a mental note on what you can recommend to them.
  • How to upsell during an existing treatment.
  • Understand why retail sales are so important in this industry.
  • Building lasting relationships with your clients, so they trust your recommendations and they are loyal to you!  

Advanced Facial Techniques

  • Fluid and flowing facial movements
  • Perfecting your facial massage technique 
  • Understanding the skin and what will be most effective in the clients service 
  • Proper extraction techniques, including removing blackheads and milia efficiently and effectively 
  • Customizing a mask or masks that are most effective for your client 
  • How to upsell during your facial with your client

Rebooking Clients

  • Get your clients back on the books

  • Understanding how often you should have your clients coming back, regarding their certain skim issues

  • How to talk to your clients about rebooking 

  • Why rebooking your clients is so important.

Analyzing the Skin 

  • Properly analyze your clients skin 

  • Talk to your client about what you are seeing and explaining it to them

  • How to recommend a treatment plan for the service

  • How to know the products to recommend to them

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