I Help Estheticians Master Their Art

I train estheticians in the Ansley Marie's tradition of facial techniques. This advanced work creates a better service for your clients and better results. 

When I started my training with Ansley, I was not really as confident as I wanted to be as an esthetician. After my training with Ansley, I learned to be confident as a esthetician. She explained everything in detail and helped me learn tips and tricks to become better with my clients.


Why work with Me?

I offer training over zoom, in person and on the phone. Depending on what level of training you desire. You will learn advanced techniques that will have your clients rebooking over and over. I also teach you the art of upsell so that during a facial you can sell the clients products that you are using on them at that time with ease and no pressure. This benefits your bottom dollar with a huge increase in sales. 

RockStar Program
  • Local Only
  • Spa Station Set Up
  • Recommendations
  • Sell Like a RockStar Course
Business RockStar Program
  • Local Only
  • All of Rockstar Program
  • All Client Templates
  • Local Beauty Distribution
  • Mock Setups
  • Advanced Retail Training
VIP Platinum RockStar Business
  • Local Only
  • Everything from the fist two programs
  • Advanced Course on Rebooking
  • How to Educate Clients
  • Facial Skin Analysis Training

*Payment plans available upon request. 

Meet The Ansley

Ansley Reese attended North Georgia Technical College in Clarksville, Georgia for her Esthetics license. She also received an Associate Degree in Business and a Medical Coding Certificate. She found her true passion while studying for Esthetics.  After completing her year and a half course, she went to State Boards and was licensed after passing her written and practical exam. Continuing her education is very important to her. She is passionate about this industry and it changes on a regular basis, so her education never stops and she never stops learning.

Experience Ansley worked for a high end spa straight out of school in Gainesville, Georgia. This is where she worked very closely with a Naturopath and learned how the body coordinates with the skin and how to treat the skin from the inside/out. She moved to Colorado and had her Esthetic License transfer from Georgia. She lived in Denver, Colorado and worked for a very high end spa in Greenwood Village. During this time she became certified in Derma-planing and became an expert in full body speed waxing as well as helping her clients who have mature skin. Living in Denver for 3 years, Ansley decided it was time for a change and moved to Colorado Springs and decided to open her own salon & spa so that she could implement all of the amazing things that she learned along her journey and spread her knowledge and education with the community of Colorado Springs. 

After having her salon for years, she realized that the estheticians coming out of school only new the basics. I began to train them in the Ansley Marie's Techniques. By mentoring them, being in the facial room with them and gently showing them advanced techniques they became much more skilled and their business began to grow quickly.

Ansley then developed her own all natural skin care line and sells it wholesale to the estheticians she has trained so that they can use their advanced techniques with quality products for their clients. 

My Training Main Benefits

It is time to stand out from the pack with advanced techniques that will make your facials so much better than others. 

Benefit 1 Sales

Learn the art of upsell during a facial to sell products you use during their treatment. 

Benefit 2 Repeat Customers

These advanced techniques will have your customers returning over and over. 

Benefit 3 Word of Mouth Marketing

Your customers become your marketing force!

Benefit 4 Higher Quality Facials

You will stand out in your field.

What our Clients Say

Jenny Martins

I had no idea what I did not know. I thought I knew all that I needed to know after graduating school. After training with Ansley, My techniques were advanced and my clients noticed. I got more repeat business and my product sales soared. 

Paul Simons

Before training with Ansley, I never seemed to have enough bookings to keep my busy enough. After training with Ansley, my calendar is booked and my sales are out of this world. Best decision I have made for my business. 

Joan Carter

I feel empowered, powerful, knowledgeable and in charge now after my training. My business has grown so big and my products sales are great. I carry Ansley Marie's skin care line and the facials that use those products are the most popular. 

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