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When you are switching your skincare products, give them time to work before stopping them or changing to something else. I hear too often, clients come to me and I ask, “How are those products working for your skin”? And they say, “Oh, I used them for about a week and then started breaking out, so I just stopped using them and went back to my other stuff!” I’m SCREAMING, (in my head) NOOOOOO!!!! 

But I know they can see the look of horror on my face! “Is that bad”?, they ask, grimacing. 

Simple Answer: YES! 

Scientific Answer: Your skin’s PH level should be 5.5, which is slightly acidic. If the PH level of your skin fluctuates, lower than that 5.5, skin issues can occur. If your skin fluctuates, higher than that 5.5, skin issues can occur. So, the PH level of your skin is very important and needs to stay at 5.5 in order to be healthy. If you are switching your products back and forth, then your skin’s PH level can not stay at the healthy level that it needs to.  Staying consistent with a new product(s) is KEY when trying to balance your PH level. Even if you have some breakouts that do occur, staying consistent is KEY! I’ll explain TWO reasons the breakouts can happen in a minute but first off let’s talk about the difference between what is a breakout when using new products and what is an allergic reaction when using new products. 

Breakout: A pimple caused by bacteria under the skin, which can occur when using a new product(s) because the skin can sometimes do a “skin purge”. (More on that in a minute)

Allergic Reaction: Rash, itching, burning, hives, swelling, etc. If these reactions occur when using new skin care products, (or any products for that matter)  then discontinue the use and consult a physician. 

Now, back to our TWO reasons that can cause breakouts from happening when using new products are:

“Skin purging”: This happens when the skin cell’s start to turnover more rapidly than your skin is used to, causing old dead skin cells, sebum, excess oil to be pushed to the surface of the skin, resulting in breakouts. 

CONSISTENCY IS KEY!: I have seen so many clients over the years and they switch their skincare products constantly. They are ALWAYS changing their products or they aren’t giving their new skincare products time to work because they use one cleanser one day, then don’t wash their face for 2 days, then use a cleanser they ordered online 2 years ago that they just found under the cabinet, and then circle back to the original skincare and then wonder why their skin is so irritated and breaking out! CONSISTENCY IS KEY! If you are that person above, you have NO judgment from me, but I hope now you understand why maybe those new products aren’t working or why you could be breaking out due to the inconsistency of using the products. Your skin is like, WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON?? I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO!! I’M JUST GOING TO MAKE ALL THIS OIL WHICH IS “BAD OIL” THAT WILL CAUSE BREAKOUTS! (That’s your skin speaking, if you didn’t know!) LOL!! 

But seriously, that is exactly what the skin is doing when you aren’t consistent with your products that you use. 

I can tell you this story about my mom and I know she won’t be mad at me! (Because it’s TRUE!) My mom has for YEARS been notoriously BAD about her skincare routine. I’m talking YEARS!!! But my mom has BEAUTIFUL skin! She has great genetics and she is one of the lucky ones that even now I am so envious of how little she can do with her skin and yet how great it can still look! I fall asleep in my makeup ONE night and I have the ultimate pimple paradise on my face for what feels like a month long! But my mom can sleep in her makeup and do all the things that my “Esty” self is SCREAMING, NOOOOOO, and trying to shake her ever so slightly to just say, WAKE UP LADY!!! LOL!

But even as she has been doing this routine of not taking care of her skin, she started to notice she was seeing the effects after all the years of neglect. Now she uses my skincare line and because I have made it super easy to do a quality skincare routine, QUICK, EASY & EFFICIENT, she now completes a skincare routine and she is LOVING how amazing her skin is feeling and looking! She says, “Okay, now I see what you have been talking about all these years”! And my thought is, thank goodness you finally came around! LOL! Love you mom! 🙂 

MY RECOMMENDATION: If you are experiencing the “skin purging” we talked about above, then, we see that as a good thing, because the products are working to turn those cells over quickly, releasing the bacteria that is underneath the skin and then the beautiful skin will emerge! In order to get through this process, I recommend using the new skincare products for 4 weeks CONSISTENTLY before you completely give up on the products or try something else. Give it time to work! 

Now, if you are experiencing an allergic reaction, like any of the above listed symptoms, then absolutely discontinue use, contact your physician and if you have an Esthetician that you see, contact them to ask questions. If you do not see an Esthetician or know one, contact me, I am always happy to help figure out either through your products, ingredients or research what could be causing your skin issue and what I recommend for you. 

CONCLUSION: You have to use your products CONSISTENTLY and CORRECTLY in order to receive the RESULTS that you are looking for in your skin! It’s NEVER too late to start creating a healthy skin PH level and using a skincare line the correct way!

My goal is that you decide you would like to understand your skin on a deeper level. That you will want to realize that your skin has a BIG job! It’s not only your organs protector but it also receives the most abuse from us. Whether that be from pollution, environment, diet, major stressors, health issues, etc, I want to help you understand what your skin is saying to you! I want you to see that with a little help, you can understand your skin better, learn what your skin is trying to tell you, learn what your stressors/triggers/flare ups are caused by and MOST importantly learn how to combat those skin issues and what your body is trying to tell you! 

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