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What is the difference between over the counter skin care products versus professional skin care products???

We often get this question a lot from our clients. Nobody wants to have to take out a loan for their skin care, and we definitely don’t want that either. But there is a BIG difference between over the counter skin care products and professional skin care products. Here are some reasons why I make sure to educate clients on the reasons why I am so passionate about using a professional skin care line versus purchasing over the counter products.

  • Professional products are made in smaller quantities for accuracy and precision in the formulation.
  • Professional products have a higher concentration of active ingredients for stronger potency and efficiency. 
  • Professional products are tailored to specifically target individual skin care needs, while over the counter products are a broad spectrum for a generic audience. 
  • Ansley Marie’s Skincare products are created with NO harsh or toxic chemicals.

The old saying, “You get what you pay for” holds true to your skin care products. Over the counter products are often made with less expensive ingredients. It may seem like you are spending a lot less money when you purchase over the counter products, but be mindful of how frequently you are using the products and then you may discover that it is actually not the cheapest option. Professional products are more concentrated and a little bit goes a long way, so you are not using as much of the product, therefore, not having to purchase as often as you do with over the counter products. 

Going to the grocery store and purchasing a skin care product is about as healthy an option as eating fast food. We know that food plays a huge role in our skin and the same goes for the products that we put onto our skin. Many over the counter products contain fillers that allow companies to save money on ingredients. This holds true for products that are purchased online, such as Amazon, which may be counterfeit, expired or worse. Dangerous ingredients have been found in high concentrations when testing counterfeit skin care products. These dangerous ingredients include lead, copper, mercury, arsenic and cardamom. These dangerous ingredients are being excreted through all of our major organs when placed on the skin while being absorbed through our largest organ. 

At Ansley Marie’s Skincare we are continuously researching and making sure that we provide our clients with the highest quality of healthy and safe ingredients in all of our products. This is so important to us and we take extreme pride in educating our clients on the quality of our products. We want to give the best possible products, but the price point needs to be affordable for our clients. We want results for them and to also be cost efficient. 

When you can look at the ingredients of your products and actually know what they are without having to Google them, then that is a good sign. 

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