Mature Skin

Mature Skin means loss of elasticity and tautness, fine lines, wrinkles and age spots. Skin care needs change as our skin ages. Our skin is the bodies biggest organ and taking care of it starts from the inside out. 

A client of mine told me her story:
"I ignored my skin in my youth except to occasionally use sunscreen when I went to the beach or pool. I did not always remove my makeup at night or wash my face. In fact, most of my life I did not wear a lot of makeup or take much time to worry about my skin. I have dry skin so acne was not an issue but I would try to use body lotion every now and again if I got itchy. 

Then a few weeks after my 50th birthday, I caught a glance of myself in the mirror. I stopped and stared. What happened to me? I turned on all the lights and looked closely at the woman in the mirror. Grey hair was scattered through out my light brown hair now. My skin by my jaw was loose and jiggly. I looked closer and could see wrinkles around my eyes, on my forehead and fine little lines everywhere else. Dark spots were appearing. The woman looking back at me had the same eyes but the eyelids were droopy. My skin looked dull and dry.

I glanced down at my hands. They were covered in webs of fine lines and dark spots dotted the top of my hands and my fingers. They looked like my Mother's and my Grandmother's hands. How did this happen? My hands look even older than they should.

I noticed my hair was falling out and getting thinner. My eyebrows needed filling in as hair was suddenly missing but yet I was now growing thick short black hairs out of moles and brown spots. I felt as if I blinked and aged over night. I have to admit I was in such shock, I ignored it a few days. Yet every day as I worked on my laptop my hands taunted me with the fine lines and dark spots.

I got up my courage and called you to see what could be done that would help the appearance of my skin and what would help to get healthier. I don't want cosmetic surgery, injections or fillers. I just want my skin to be healthy.

Hi I am Ansley Marie Reese and I am an esthetician specializing in mature skin. My passion is helping my clients create beauty from the inside out. I love to educate my clients on how to start on the inside and then how to treat the outside.  

Taking care of mature skin is different than taking care of skin in your 20's. You need different products and treatments and that is what we specialize in here at Ansley Marie's!

I put together a treatment plan for my client. We started with the inside first. I had my client agree to an internal treatment plan first. 

  • Daily intake of water.

  • Daily dose of collagen.

  • Green juice for nutrients.

  • Balanced Mediterranean Diet.

  • Daily exercise.

  • Regular uninterrupted sleep.

Then I set up some appointments for facial treatments for mature skin where I would target the face, neck, decollage and the hands. (In this treatment we were able to target our clients fine lines and dark spots. We used a Lemon Zest Enzyme that has an exceptional amount of ingredients for an extreme lightening of hyperpigmentation. We then used a Collagen Peel off Mask for the face for added intense hydration, smooth wrinkles and enhancing the skin's texture. On her neck we were able to apply our White Tea Collagen Neck Mask AKA The Wattle Wonder, that firms and tightens the area on the neck. On her hands, we were able to do a spot treatment with our Lemon Zest Enzyme to help lighten the brown spots that she was noticing on the tops!

I then set up my client with a daily skin care routine. (A skin care routine doesn't have to be overly expensive and it doesn't have to be a million steps. We can get awesome results with a few products and a little dedication from the client. We recommended to this client our Skinscript Glycolic Cleanser that is perfect for lightening hyperpigmentation and smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles. We also recommended a Retinol Scrub that we told her to use 1-2 times per week to exfoliate the skin and the Retinol is great for smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. Our last product that we recommended to her was our Acai Berry Moisturizer which adds great moisture back to the skin and smooths fine lines and wrinkles.) 

After 3 facials and 2 months of regular skin care and the new care for the skin from the inside out, my client called me excited!

This is what she shared with me: "Not only is my skin looking fresher, plumper and younger, but my dark spots are getting lighter, my hair is no longer falling out and is getting shiny, my nails are strong and I am sleeping better. My dry skin is no longer flaky and itchy but it is moist. I have more energy than I did before and I feel more self confidence. I got dressed up for an event and applied my makeup and I noticed that I needed less and it looked better. I had no idea that the new lifestyle, supplements and treatments could make such a huge change for me and not break the bank! I also wear sunscreen every day and I make sure to put it on my hands as well. Thank you for making 50 look so amazing!"

We customize every treatment plan for each individual person. The skin is the largest organ and we need to take care of it. My skin customer then went on to get highlights to enhance the grey and a new style to go with her new bright skin.

Most salons use injections and fillers to fix the issues. Here, we start from the inside out and help our clients get healthy, look their best and gain self confidence!

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