LED Masks

LED Masks are one of the newest trends in the beauty industry. Celebrities like the Khardashians made it very popular and started posting pictures with the mask on their face. This sparked the interest of everyone and has made this new trend a very successful one.

What is LED?? LED works by sending energy producing pockets of light into the deeper layers of the skin. This is a great focus on changing the skin from the inside/out. This treatment is completely safe, effective, painless and tackles a wide variety of skin concerns.  Our LED Mask has 7 different colors to choose from. 

Green Light: Balances color pigment and helps with redness. This light is ideal for Rosacea and Hyperpigmentation. (Sun Damage)

Yellow Light: Improves oxygen to reach the cells and improves lymph drainage. This light is ideal for Asphyxiated or Congested skin.

Purple Light: This is a Dual Red and Blue Light. This light is ideal for Adult-Acne

Clear Blue Light: Enhance cell energy and metabolism. This light is ideal for Mature Skin.

White Light: Improves the appearance of sagging skin, promotes tissue strength. This light is ideal for After receiving a massage and loss of collagen.

Red Light: Stimulates Collagen and increases healing time. This light is ideal for Anti Aging.

Blue Light: Kills bacteria and is calming. This light is ideal for Acne healing. 

We love being able to customize to each client and their skin concerns for the best results! We will sometimes mix colors to cover all of our clients needs in one treatment. This treatment can be incorporated into a Facial or just as a stand alone service. 

Some contraindications for clients who cannot receive this service are, pregnancy, epilepsy, photo allergy and medications that cause light sensitivity. We recommend clients to come in every week for the LED Mask in order to receive faster and longer lasting results. Our clients definitely love the LED Mask and see the benefits of this awesome service very quickly. 

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